A DJ will be spinning the pedals instead of the records.

He’s planning a relay bike ride to raise money for his father’s specialist cancer treatment.

Dominik Sobanski – who set up Huddersfield club night The Afterparty – will be cycling 124 miles from Holmfirth to Appleby in Cumbria and back as part of a relay team.

Slaithwaite man Dominik, 31, wants to raise enough money to send his father Zenofy, 62, to Hungary for an alternative cancer treatment called Gerson Therapy in order to treat his non Hodgkins lymphoma.

Zenofy, a retired shop manager from Highburton, was diagnosed in May and Dominik says he and the family have decided chemotherapy isn’t the right option.

Dominik, who lives with his wife Vesna Danovic, 31, said: “My father is a great dad as he has tried to give my three brothers and myself the best life possible – that’s why I am doing my best for him now.

“When we found out my father had cancer it came as a massive shock and I felt helpless.

“He is a really friendly man with time for everyone and being from Polish decent he is a great host to anyone that passes his path.

“Even though we have had our differences in the past I wouldn’t change him for the world.”

Dominik said they are not sure if the cancer is terminal, but his dad’s white blood cell count is at a critical level and he needs treatment soon.

He said: “There hasn’t been many changes to the chemotherapy process since 1984 and there’s only a 10% success rate.

“And the body and the brain are left in trauma afterwards and you’re left with no hair.”

Dominik, who DJs under the name Domski, said he, his dad and his mum Sandra trawled the internet for information about alternative cancer treatments and found out about Gerson Therapy.

The therapy aims to boost a person’s immune system so they can fight off disease.

Dominik said: “Now at first we just thought this therapy was hippy stuff until we all extensively researched it and visited one of the Gerson consultants.

“The side effects at worst would be more trips to the rest room. When I knew we were on to something was, without any prompting, three days into the treatment I noticed my dad looking very energetic and healthy.

“He then revealed that his eye sight had become crystal clear, his athletes foot had disappeared and after 15 years the spots he had on his face disappeared.”

Dominik now wants to raise enough funds to take his dad to a Gerson hospital in Hungary.

He will join his wife Vesna, an administrator, and friends Ruth and Rich Fones, Tom Burns, Antoni Lover, Aniela Szygula, Robert Dear, Marty Legg, Paul Barno and Chris Shaw on the relay ride.

Two people will drive a car alongside the group and if anyone gets too tired, another person will take over.

Dominik has had his bike serviced by Try Cycling in Kirkburton and picked up some useful tips for the way.

He said: “We are aiming to raise £12,000, but whatever we raise will be much appreciated and massively help towards my father’s treatment.

“The journey will be a challenge for me as I’m not a cyclist, but I am still looking forward to it.

“At the moment I am training through most of the hilly countryside in Huddersfield at least three times a week.

“I’d like to thank Vesna my wife, Sandra my mum, Alison Rayner, Nicola Holodnyj and Emma Naughton for being the best at supporting me and my dad through every step of the way and helping me with everything.”

Those who want to donate to the cause should contact Dominik on 07710 693348.