A thirsty burglar who damaged 18th century windows as he smashed his way into a former Fartown vicarage was caught – after helping himself to a bottle of sherry.

Alcoholic Marcin Kramarski couldn’t remember breaking into the historic house which dates back to 1790.

He was snared by his DNA after taking a swig from a bottle of Coleburn sherry.

Kirklees magistrates jailed the self-employed gardener for more than six months after he admitted burglary.

Prosecutor Andy Wills said that the raid on the five bedroom property on Woodhouse Hill happened on October 5.

The old vicarage was described as set back from the main road and not overlooked due to the number of trees surrounding it.

The 60-year-old owner left the property locked and secure but returned later that evening to find that it had been burgled.

Mr Wills said: “Those responsible had entered by the downstairs toilet.

Former Fartown Vicarage, Woodhouse Lane, Fartown.
Former Fartown Vicarage, Woodhouse Lane, Fartown.

“The windows had been broken and these particular windows had been in the house since it was originally built back in the 1700s.”

Kramarski carried out a tidy search of the home, taking a half-filled bottle of Bell’s whisky and a drill with him when he left.

He had ripped the burglar alarm off the wall to silence it after he triggered it and gone into the bedroom of the owner’s son and opened a camera case.

Mr Wills told magistrates: “A bottle of Coleburn sherry had been moved and someone had a drink from that bottle, left the top off and left it on the worktop.

Kirklees Magistrates Court, Huddersfield.
Kirklees Magistrates Court, Huddersfield.

“The defendant was linked by the bottle left at the scene, a DNA swab was taken and this matched him.”

The raid left the owner facing more than £1,000 of repair bills.

Magistrates heard that the 34-year-old had an offence of attempted burglary on his record, committed in similar circumstances.

In 2015 he targeted a house not overlooked by other houses and used a large rock from the garden to smash through a first floor window.

Kramarski, of Riddings Road in Deighton, fled after being disturbed but was linked to the crime after leaving his DNA at the point of entry.

He initially denied responsibility for the burglary in interview, claiming that he did walk past but had gone to a friend’s house for a drink.

However when the DNA analysis was put to him by police, he could not explain how he could be attached to a bottle left inside the house.

Aftaab Hussain, mitigating, said that his client was an alcoholic and could not remember committing the offence.

He said: “He drinks heavily on a daily basis and there are occasions where he does not recall what he’s doing.

“It’s not the most sophisticated offence. He’s gone into the property and taken a drink from a bottle of alcohol, leaving his DNA which has linked him to the offence.

“The only mitigation is that no one was in at the time and there’s been quite a tidy search with the items taken being of relatively low value.”

Magistrates jailed Kramarski for 26 weeks and 19 days.