ELVIS the snake got animal-lovers all shook up!

The snake-king sent shivers down the spines of families attending an Animal Care Centre’s open day.

Snakes were one of many animals people could see at the centre’s open day which was hosted by Huddersfield Technical College at its Taylor Hill site. Normally the centre is only for students at the college and is a vital part of some courses.

Freddie the green parrot, a cute chinchilla and entertaining pigs were all on display at the college.

The open day gave members of the public a chance to see reptiles, birds and farm animals first-hand.

It was a huge success, with children and adults lining up to see the cuddly creatures.

Among them were Mirfield youngsters Emily Glew and Amy Butters who were able to cuddle a chinchilla.

Event coordinator and lecturer in equine studies Becky Cooper said: “It was a great day.

“There is nothing else like this round here so opening the college up for a day gives people the chance to see animals they usually wouldn’t get to see or hold. The children especially seem to have enjoyed being here and seeing all the animals we have.”

The reptile house, aviary, aquarium and mammal house were all open to the public.

Huddersfield farmer Andy James also entertained visitors by letting them see his goats and pigs who follow him around the farm and sit or stand when he directs them to.

Becky Copper added: “It’s not often people get to see so many different animals in one place. Events like this give us the chance to show the community what we do.

“Our students learn so much about animals and we’re pleased we can let people see how much good work they do at the site.

“Many of our students are going into careers where they are caring for animals so they need to get used to being around them and learning more about them.

“The animals are so well cared for as everyone could see.”

The college is holding a second open day on May 27 at Green Balk Lane, Lepton with horses on show.

The event runs from midday until 3.30pm and is open to the public.