A MAN accused of sexually abusing a girl has told a jury that the allegations were motivated by hate and greed.

John Darby, 42, of Woodhead Road, Berry Brow, has denied charges of indecent assault and indecency with a child relating to a woman who claims she was molested by him more than a decade ago.

Darby told a jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday that the alleged victim’s mother had branded him a paedophile in the past and he had had to go to the police because of abusive texts being sent to his partner.

He said the girl’s mother had also told him she was going to make him sorry and make him the most hated man in Huddersfield.

“Have you ever touched (the complainant) in any way that might even be interpreted as inappropriate?” asked his barrister Jayne Beckett.

“No,’’ replied Darby.

“As far as you are concerned what do you believe lies behind these allegations?” asked Mrs Beckett.

“I believe the allegations are basically down to hatred and greed,” said Darby.

He suggested that the complainant had always been motivated by money.

The trial continues.