POLICE have ruled out suspicious behaviour after a stray firework left a hole in the roof of two Almondbury homes.

The Examiner reported earlier this week how two families were evacuated when a firework landed on the roof and sparked a fire.

The occupant of one of the houses was Almondbury’s Clr Phil Scott, who had earlier reported youths throwing fireworks to the police.

Acting Sergeant Neil Taylor, of Huddersfield South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Following a call about a firework causing a roof fire at a house on Highlands Avenue in Huddersfield, we have thoroughly investigated this and it would appear that the roof fire was caused by a rogue firework and was not deliberate.”

The residents of the two homes were not hurt in the incident at 12.20am on Tuesday on Highlands Avenue.

They were led to safety after a neighbour spotted the flames and woke the two families up.

Clr Phil Scott said he believes firework sales need stricter controls.