A COMMUNITY volunteer has received a special achievement award for his life-saving skills.

Raymond Howitt, of Moldgreen, was praised for his outstanding contribution as a Community First Responder on behalf of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Mr Howitt was among several people recognised for the life-saving care they offer people in the vital minutes before an ambulance arrives.

Mr Howitt became a First Responder in 2004 and has single-handedly responded to 1,350 emergency calls within the community during that time.

He has helped more than 400 in the last year alone.

Community First Responders are trained in basic life-support, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and oxygen therapy.

They are equipped with a kit including oxygen and an automated external defibrillator to help patients in medical emergencies including a heart attack, collapse or breathing difficulty.

Neil Kirk, Community Defibrillation Officer for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said: “The volunteers’ commitment to the initiative is remarkable.

“Each and every one of them makes a valuable contribution to their local community.”