PEOPLE living near Greenhead Park have complained about litter problems.

They claim discarded take-away trays and fish and chips wrappers were strewn all over the streets surrounding Greenhead Park over the holiday weekend.

Local resident Mrs Eve Chisholm, of Park Drive South, said much of it was down to laziness.

"There are bins on the pavements which people can use but they just seem to have no respect for their local environment or for other people and just drop their rubbish where they are standing," she said.

"Sometimes I find rubbish just a yard from a bin - and often there is broken glass from bottles on the street.

" I feel very fortunate to live opposite the park. It is a lovely place and I welcome the proposed developments. But a lot of people seem to neglect it and the surrounding area.

"I was taught to put rubbish in a bin and not to drop it on the street but it does not seem that everybody was taught that message," she said.

A council spokesman said teams would be clearing up the rubbish as soon as possible.