FIFTEEN years working in a veterinary practice has given Annaliese Morgan a great understanding of animals.

And she’s now compiled a book to help people improve the health of their pets.

The Brighouse animal-lover is one of few veterinary nurses to gain the advanced surgical diploma.

The owner of Brighouse animal health spa Fuchsia, she’s also become an author, writing guidance books for pet owners to help prevent health problems among their dogs and cats.

Her fifth novel, Desperate Housepets, has just been released on general sale nationally.

Annaliese said: “The book is an extension of the work I do at Fuchsia – it’s about giving people preventative advice to make sure their pets don’t need to go to the vets.

“People look after themselves to make sure they don’t get ill, I do the same for animals and I want to help other people do that too.”

And she’s offered her words of wisdom for her latest book.

Annaliese said: “Dental care is one of the biggest issues, lot’s of people don’t realise they need to brush their dog’s teeth, but it can have health consequences.

“The first they know is their dog’s breath gets a bit smelly, but the problem might have been there a while.

“It’s about educating owners and giving them the information to look after the health of their pets.”

She also challenged the myths about cutting dog’s nails, dying animal fur and changing pet food brands.

Annaliese has two cats, Ali and Mertyl, and a beagle dog called Michael.

She says her book is designed to help people before turning to a vet as it contains tips and solutions to problems covering all aspects of daily care ranging from grooming, behaviour, exercise, nutrition, house-training, dental health, illness and first aid.

Annaliese has received the VN Times Award from the British Veterinary Nursing Association for her continued work within the industry.

She will be signing her book at Waterstones at New Street in Huddersfield on Saturday, July 9,from 11am to 1pm.

She will also be at The Orchard Bookshop, Wakefield Road, Denby Dale, on Saturday, July 16, from 11am until 1pm.

It is illustrated by local painter Kate Crowther.