POLICE in West Yorkshire face another huge operation to control a mass demonstration.

The English Defence League - which held a rally in Dewsbury last month – is coming to Calderdale.

And it is likely to mean hundreds of police will have to be drafted in, leaving the taxpayer to pick up a huge bill.

The EDL has announced its intention to hold a demonstration in Halifax on Saturday, July 9.

The demonstrators will be restricted to the large car park close to the Eureka! museum and Halifax railway station.

The museum – popular with young families – will stay closed for the day.

But counter demonstrations are also expected, which will mean a large police presence.

In a joint statement, West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council said they recognised the legal and democratic right of people to demonstrate peacefully.

They said it was their responsibility to facilitate peaceful protest.

“However, we also need to ensure that Halifax is a safe and attractive place for people to live, work and visit.

“We have been working closely with our partners to manage and plan for the event, including finding a suitable location.

“The Eureka! car park, adjacent to the railway station, is a large open space which would allow the EDL to demonstrate and is situated so as to reduce disruption to the town centre and other events taking place.

“Having considered all the circumstances and the large numbers of people who will be passing through, Eureka! will be closed on Saturday.

“It is likely there will be some disruption in and around Halifax on the day, but we will do all we reasonably can to minimise the disruption, keep people safe and return to normal as quickly as possible”.

About 400 EDL members attended the Dewsbury rally last month.

There were also dozens of people at a rival United Against Facism rally some 300 yards away.