FIREFIGHTERS were called back to a car fire three times. The stolen Ford Fiesta was first reported to be on fire on Walpole Road, Crosland Moor, at 7.35pm last night.

Huddersfield firefighters doused the flames and confined the fire to the seats. But just before 9.10pm they were called back to the car which had been set on fire again and this time was engulfed in flames.

They put the fire out and were returning to the station when they were called back to the same car. This time petrol had been poured on grass beneath the car and set alight.

Car thieves drove a stolen car through a fence and then set it on fire. The Nissan Micra was found burning in the car park at Stadium Storage on St Andrew's Road, Huddersfield, at 1.50am today. It was destroyed.