JEFF Beaumont is known for his watercolours and many are collected by art lovers.

And he spotted some of his work by chance when he was walking by the Kirkburton Kirkwood Hospice charity shop.

They had been donated by the sister of the late Dennis Moore, who was a big collector of the Honley artist’s work.

Mr Moore was cared for in the last few weeks of his life by the hospice and his sister thought it would be a nice gesture to donate some of his art collection to the hospice.

Jeff says he is pleased his work is helping to support the charity.

He said: “I saw some in the window and recognised them as mine. I was told they’d already sold one, of four men sat on a bench, and I knew then they’d come from Dennis.

“He was a good friend of mine and he had quite a few original watercolours which he wanted to go to the hospice.

“He did a lot of charity himself and I’m glad they’re being put to good use to help the hospice.”

Maisie Weir, manager of the Kirkburton hospice shop, at North Road, said: “We currently have five Jeff Beaumont watercolours, having already sold some, plus some originals by other artists Dennis had collected.

“Dennis was cared for by Kirkwood Hospice and his sister wanted to say thank you in some way, so she donated some original paintings which he had been collecting since 1996.”

Maisie said she hoped the sale of them would go some way towards raising funds towards the refurbishment and extension of the inpatient unit.

Known as the £3m Capital Fund it will massively upgrade the facilities at the hospice’s Albany Road site.

It is due to be completed next June and will feature nine en-suite single bedrooms, new three and four-bed bays and a bedroom for families wanting to remain at the hospice at night, along with a large family lounge with a kitchen and dining area.