BABES in the Wood learnt all about the great outdoors when children took part in a six week Forest Schools programme in the Colne Valley.

Forest Schools is a scheme open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds and aims to improve self esteem, build confidence and social skills and engage with the outdoors. The children took part in the sessions with their parents and carers and enjoyed storytelling, crafts and exploring.

The “Babes in the Wood” project was delivered by Birch Forest Schools as a result of collaboration between the Marsden and Slaithwaite Renaissance and Slaithwaite Playgroup and Toddlers (SPLAT). The project is funded by a National Lottery grant and is free.

Alan Scully, of Birch Forest Schools, said: “This programme has been a pleasure to deliver and be a part of. After only a few weeks it has been possible to see children and adults become more confident in the outdoors.

Birch Forest Schools will be running two “Babes in the Wood” sessions in the summer holidays for families. The upper age for children attending is eight- years-old and places are limited.

Anyone wishing to attend a session must book in advance by contacting Lisa Mew on 07976 944415 or by emailing Lisa on