FIXBY man Jon Eaton-Whitfield has swapped cash for crocs!

He has flown out to Africa to take part in a two-week wildlife conservation trip to Botswana.

And Jon, 47, an HSBC team manager, is leaving his desk in the bank's Leeds office to join Earthwatch and support scientists who are working to monitor the crocodiles of the Okavango Delta.

His expedition is part of an £11m five-year eco-partnership between HSBC and the Earthwatch Institute (Europe).

Jon will be rising at first light to check crocodile traps and he will examine, measure, weigh and tag crocodiles.

Along with the team, he will also be trained to take blood samples, check for parasites and flush out stomach contents.

He will also be speaking to villagers about the impact of crocodiles on their communities, visit local schools, conduct crocodile nesting surveys and help care for captive animals.

"I have always been fascinated by marine life and environmental issues," he said.

"For me this is a wonderful opportunity to further my knowledge, to work in a team with an international group of people and to experience the wonders of the Okavango Delta," he said.

Over a period of five years, HSBC is offering 2,000 employees the chance to become involved in scientific field research and take part in vital conservation projects - this year ranging from Spanish dolphins to zebras in Kenya.

On their return participants will be eligible for a grant of up to £400 to initiate a local environmental project.