A banned driver got behind the wheel to fetch his young daughter’s medication when she ran out.

Mark Wilson was disqualified for an offence of dangerous driving and was ordered to take an extended retest before he got his licence back.

But police caught him driving along Horncastle Street in Cleckheaton shortly before 8pm on November 13.

Kirklees magistrates were told that the 27-year-old’s child needed her daily medication but there was no-one else available to collect it from the chemists for her.

Wilson explained this to police but was later charged with offences of driving while disqualified and using a vehicle without insurance, which he admitted to.

The builder said his hands were forced into breaking the law.

Magistrates gave him a six week curfew as punishment and banned him from driving for a further six months.

Wilson, of Park Road in Bradford, will also have to pay £85 court costs.