A BAR which stayed open more than six hours after it should have closed has kept its licence.

Councillors yesterday heard how drinkers left That Bar at King Street at 10.30am one morning last month.

Police asked Kirklees Council to revoke the licence of the town centre venue, run by rugby player Phil Joseph.

Officers showed the council’s Licensing Panel CCTV footage of King Street taken on June 12.

Councillors saw a couple knocking on the closed door of That Bar at 6.51am and being allowed in – even though the club was meant to close at 4am.

Pc Richard Farrand told the meeting at Huddersfield Town Hall yesterday: “There’s been a catalogue of bad management. This is one of the worst run clubs that I’ve inspected.”

Mr Joseph, who plays for Swinton Lions, told councillors: “I’m embarrassed to be here today, but it’s taught me valuable lessons.

“We’ve made massive improvements.”

The three-strong panel declined the police’s suggestion to revoke That Bar’s licence. However, they ordered the club to stop serving at 2am and close at 2.30am.

Mr Joseph said that the decision was “quite promising” and that he would open the bar earlier in the evening to attract “a classier clientele”.