THE University of Huddersfield is to give up the running of its Barnsley centre.

The South Yorkshire campus will be managed from next summer by Barnsley College.

The college and the university have signed a new partnership deal to provide higher education in the area.

The delivery of courses will transfer to Barnsley College in August 2013, and the college will also take over responsibility for the management of the campus itself.

The university will partner with the college, and will continue to oversee the validation and quality of the provision.

For students it would mean business as usual.

The plan has been developed in response to new Government policy, which encourages the growth of affordable higher education through the college sector.

Prof Bob Cryan,University of Huddersfield vice-chancellor, said: “I believe that the university and the college have found the best possible way to ensure that higher education in Barnsley can take full advantage of the Government’s policy and ensure that it continues to expand.

“This is something that would not be possible for the university to achieve alone.”

Colin Booth, Principal of Barnsley College, said: “For students it will be business as usual as there will be no difference in the quality of their experience or the standard of the qualifications they achieve.

“For the town, we are delighted to be working in partnership with the University of Huddersfield to safeguard Higher Education in Barnsley.”