THE father of a soldier who died in Iraq fears his phone may have been hacked.

Batley man Peter Brierley has been a prominent critic of the conflict, which claimed the life of his son Shaun.

He told the Examiner yesterday that he feared his phone may have been hacked by reporters from the News of the World.

The paper – which publishes its last edition tomorrow – was accused this week of hacking mobiles belonging to the families of dead soldiers.

Mr Brierley said: “The police are still going through all the evidence and anyone involved has to be concerned.

“The police have not been in touch with me but I will be waiting for that call for a while.”

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday announced two inquiries into the phone hacking scandal after allegations that the phones of relatives of murder victims may have been hacked.

Mr Brierley said: “I’m really angry about this.

“I’ve always felt that I’ve been treated fairly by journalists but there’s a little bit of mistrust now.”

Mr Brierley’s 28-year-old son Shaun died in 2003.