Let’s hope the driver of this £150,000 motor had a good excuse for this piece of parking outside Huddersfield Royal Infirmary .

Never mind parking in a disabled bay without a blue badge, the driver of this Bentley Continental GT decided to dump the vehicle in a spot which was clearly marked off with yellow crisscrosses.

Conveniently for the driver – but not hospital staff or the general public – this ‘spot’ was slap bang in front of the main entrance.

Was this an emergency – or could the driver simply not be bothered to look for a space?

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A brand new Bentley Continental GT will cost you about £150,000 – although you get one with a high mileage for £25,000.

With over 550hp under the hood it’ll reach close to 200mph, though you get a measly 20mpg. And it’ll cost a fortune to insure.

We wonder if the driver of this model had enough money left over for a parking ticket?

Is this the worst piece of parking you’ve seen? Have you seen worse?

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