CHILDREN will be stepping all over their artwork designs.

The pupils at Berry Brow Infant and Nursery and Battyeford Church of England School in Mirfield saw their work transformed into rugs.

They joined forces with the Huddersfield Fur Fabric Company for the project.

The company is one of just a few to use the traditional manufacturing processes of the woollen mill.

Young pupils saw the manufacturing process and saw their own designs spun into rugs.

Natalie Deane, skills teacher at Battyeford, said: “We have been so lucky to have been offered the help of Huddersfield Fur Fabrics.

“They have selected the work of 16 of our pupils for a series of rug designs which we hope to enter into the National Gallery Take One Picture Project in London next year.”

The children made rugs on various themes – the Venice lagoon and Venetian architecture, portraits and animals.

They were only able to use a limited colour palette and a designer at Fur Fabric modified their images for the manufacturing process.

Baldev Hayer, engineer and director, showed the children how the rugs were created.

Natalie added: “They saw their textile artwork produced and played a first-hand role in keeping the rich heritage of the Yorkshire mill tradition alive.”

Battyeford pupils last week received the Best Practice award for their art, craft and design and have been recognised by Ofsted for their work in the field of art education.