POLICE and council traffic wardens are joining forces to stamp out reckless driving near Huddersfield schools.

Safety Outside Schools (SOS) is a major campaign aiming to cut dangers for children on the journey to and from class.

Each week, traffic officers and parking wardens will be visiting Kirklees schools which have suffered the biggest problems over the years to target thoughtless motorists putting lives at risk.

Last term, road safety officers found that out of 3,400 children counted, almost half were travelling illegally without a seatbelt.

Parents stopping on yellow zig-zag lines, parking too close to junctions and blocking residents' drives are other common problems.

"Police officers are frequently contacted by head teachers and parents concerned about poor driving near their schools," said Sgt Andrew Addy of Huddersfield police's traffic unit.

"In the past we have done our best to deal with these concerns but have been spread very thinly due to the sheer number of requests.

"Police activity is very effective whilst it is being carried out and does encourage drivers to behave more considerately," added Sgt Addy.

"Unfortunately drivers tend to fall back into bad habits in the belief that we won't be able to return to the same school twice. Our SOS campaign aims to change this."

Clr David Payne, Kirklees Cabinet member for environment and transportation, said: "Our new SOS campaign will focus on a small number of schools which have suffered the biggest difficulties."