TOWN fans Chris Chadwick and Zöe Davison had their own Match of the Day today.

They were to be guests of honour in the 10,000-plus crowd expected at Town's vital game against Scunthorpe United at the McAlpine Stadium.

And they had plenty to celebrate as they tied the knot yesterday in another match of the day.

It meant much happier times for the couple, who hit the headlines last month for the wrong reasons.

They were the unlucky fans hit when advertising hoardings at Northampton Town's ground were blown down by gale force winds.

Both escaped serious injury as the match against Town on March 20 was abandoned.

But to help make amends, the Town club invited the pair to be their special guests at a match and they took them up on their offer today.

Chris, 34, and Zöe, 26, both of Heckmondwike, met while following Town around the country.

Chris, a transport manager for a steel firm, has supported the club since 1978 while Zöe, who works as a pensions analyst, has been a fan since 1980.

Both normally sit in the Kilner Bank stand, where they have season tickets, but today they were to take their seats in the directors' box after enjoying a lunch courtesy of the club.

It was a great way to follow their wedding, which took place yesterday afternoon in front of family and friends at the Alder House Hotel in Batley.

"What happened at Northampton was a one-off but people were so very kind and supportive," said Chris.

"Both clubs have gone out of their way to help and when Town offered us the invitation we were delighted to accept.

"It will be good to see behind the scenes on a big match day - and I just hope we get the right result."

The club also arranged for the couple to spend the wedding night in Huddersfield's George Hotel.

And the prediction for today's big match? A 1-0 win to Town and three more points on the promotion path.