HUDDERSFIELD actress Zoe Lucker will soon be seen as you've never seen her before - as she undergoes a Caesarian.

The dramatic scene will be shown when Footballers' Wives kicks off its fourth season on TV at the end of the month.

Viewers will see superbitch Tanya Turner - played by Zoe - returning unblemished after a spell in Larkhall Prison.

It is nine months on and she and Amber Gates (played by Laila Rouass) are both about to give birth.

Conrad Gates (Ben Price) is excited; he can't wait to be the proud father of both babies!

But Tanya has a secret fear that her baby was really fathered by club president Frank Laslett.

Convinced that Conrad should never find out, she sets up a cunning plan to reverse the situation.

It's the last series for Lindley lass Zoe, 30, and in this interview we ask her about the programme and her feelings on leaving:

We put the questions to Zoe:

TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON FOR TANYA IN SERIES FOUR: At the beginning of this series Tanya is pregnant, then during the first episode she has the baby - but it's not as simple as that. Tanya is concerned about the identity of the father, so has a wicked plan to make things turn out just perfect!

DESCRIBE HOW SHE IS COPING WITH HER PREGNANCY: I think Tanya is in denial about her pregnancy - and it hasn't affected the way she lives her life!

HOW IS TANYA COPING LIVING UNDER THE SAME ROOF AS CONRAD AND AMBER? She's fine living with Conrad, but Amber is a complete pain.


WE HAVE HEARD THAT TANYA HAS AN EVIL PLAN UP HER SLEEVE WITH THE BABIES WHICH INVOLVES NURSE DUNKLEY. WAS IT FUN FILMING ALL THOSE ``DASTARDLY" SCENES? It was great fun filming all the scenes in the hospital and it was good to have Nurse Dunkley back. Julie Le Grand, who plays her is lovely. I think I got it easy though. Poor Laila ended up sitting in a birthing pool for hours.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE STORYLINE FROM SERIES FOUR? I think swapping the babies would be my favourite storyline from this series. It's just so wicked.

DO YOU THINK SERIES FOUR DIFFERS FROM THE OTHER SERIES AT ALL? Yes, I think all the characters have been developed considerably.

IT WAS THAILAND FOR SERIES THREE. SERIES FOUR THE SHOW IS IN SPAIN. YOU ENDED UP FILMING SOME SCENES IN SPAIN; HOW WAS IT? It was great filming in both those locations. I loved filming in both Thailand and Spain. It really is a perk of the job!

DO YOU REMEMBER A FAVOURITE LINE FROM SERIES FOUR? I think my favourite line from Series Four is during the first episode, when Tanya and Nurse Dunkley are discussing Amber's baby, the one that was originally Tanya's before she swapped it. Tanya says: "Yeah, well let's just hope little Popadom, or whatever she's called it, doesn't start looking like his father. Amber might start asking questions if she's singing lullabies to a big fat bloater with a Brummie accent."

WHAT IS YOUR ALL TIME FAVOURITE TANYA'ISM? There are so many! I particularly love it when she adapts words, so I loved it when she said "mentalist". But it's hard to choose her best as she does have some wonderful dialogue.

SHE HAD A SPELL IN PRISON. HAS THIS AFFECTED HER AT ALL? No. Tanya seems to have bounced back very well after prison.

WAS IT SAD SAYING GOODBYE TO THE CHARACTER AND THE CREW? It was very sad saying goodbye to the character of Tanya and, of course, I also had to say goodbye to the cast and crew too. Many had worked on all four series.

YOU GOT SOME FUN PRESENTS ON YOUR LAST DAY. WAS IT A GOOD SEND-OFF? I got a wonderful send-off on my last day. It was brilliant and everyone was so kind. I was given a pocket- sized Tanya - complete with the nails, hair and cigarettes.

IF YOU COULD KEEP ONE ITEM OF TANYA'S WARDROBE OR PROPS WHAT WOULD YOU KEEP? I would love to keep quite a few mementoes. But I would particularly like to have had the huge engagement ring she got from Jason. It was huge and the stone was the size of a one-pence piece!

WE'VE HEARD TANYA LEAVES THE SHOW AFTER EPISODE FOUR. CAN YOU TELL US HOW? No; I won't reveal how she exits - but it's a brilliant story. I went straight on to filming the character of Jenna in Bombshell. There was not much time between the two shows, so it was a mad time for me.

YOU DYED YOUR HAIR FOR THE ROLE OF JENNA. WAS THIS A DELIBERATE DECISION? Yes, it was a deliberate decision to dye my hair brown for the role. The character of Jenna is totally different to Tanya, so it was right for her to have darker hair.

* Footballers' Wives begins on ITV1 on Thursday, March 31, from 9pm to 10.30pm.