A MAJOR poison gas awareness campaign has prompted a further safety warning.

British Gas engineers have revealed that wallpaper, nylon tights, cushions, old newspapers and cling film are just some of the unusual items stuffed into air vents in people's homes.

They have been put there to stop draughts - but they can lead to lead to deaths from poisonous gases.

The warning comes at the end of a week-long campaign by The Examiner and British Gas to alert people to the dangers of carbon monoxide. The Silent Killer campaign was launched after the death of a couple in Huddersfield from carbon monoxide poisoning earlier this month.

And experts at British Gas are warning that anyone trying to block draughts could be putting their lives at risk.

Alan Johnson, general manager for British Gas in Huddersfield, said: "It's tempting to try to block air vents during cold weather, but it can prove very dangerous.

"We've found people who have covered vents with cling-film to keep out draughts. Some DIY enthusiasts have removed ventilators when installing new windows, laminate flooring or carpets because they spoil the look - and we've come across cases of people covering vents with wallpaper.

"But the simple message is this. The majority of carbon monoxide incidents are caused by problems with flue vents and central heating boilers. You need your vents clear of anything to make sure your home stays safe."

As an extra move to try and boost safety in the home, British Gas is also including a carbon monoxide safety message on all bills sent to its 19 million energy customers from this month as part of on-going work to increase awareness of the deadly risks of carbon monoxide.

More information is available from www.britishgassafety.co.uk/carbonmonoxide