MOTORISTS in Huddersfield are paying more for their petrol, latest figures show.

Two separate reports show that prices at the pumps have risen by more than a penny a litre over the past month.

Soaring world oil prices have been blamed for the increase.

Figures from the AA motoring organisation show that unleaded fuel in the town costs an average of 76.79p a litre.

This compares with 75.5p a month ago.

The average price of diesel stands at 77.75p compared with 76.56p before.

However, prices in Huddersfield remain below the national average of 78.16p for unleaded and 79.50p for diesel.

Another survey, by Castle Fuel Cards, also showed average prices across West Yorkshire had risen by 1p a litre in the past month.

Their average now stand at 77.1p for unleaded and 78.2p for diesel.

Teresa Maynard, of Castle Fuel Cards, said further increases were likely.

She said world oil prices hit record highs last weekend and plans to cut oil production could mean further price rises on the forecourts.

Motorists were also braced for an increase in September.

This follows Chancellor Gordon Brown's decision to defer an increase in petrol duty until the autumn.

Ms Maynard said: "Drivers in West Yorkshire are paying more for their fuel. And some areas of the county could see average petrol prices reaching 81p a litre by September if garages pass on the tax increase on petrol and diesel."