BOWLERS have abandoned Greenhead Park after Kirklees Council failed to replace their pavilions.

The Greenhead Grasshoppers have moved to Marsh Liberal Club following the £5.4m park revamp.

Kirklees tore down the two 1950s timber pavilions last year as part of a massive regeneration of the Victorian park.

But a modern replacement structure with a kitchen and disabled toilet has yet to be built.

And now the Greenhead Grasshoppers have decided to leave the park and play their home games at Marsh Liberal Club.

A source told the Examiner yesterday: “Some years ago the ladies team became fed up with the state of the green and facilities and opted to bowl all their matches at Marsh United.

“The men stayed – that is up until now.

“Apparently the council promised them the greens and surrounds would be improved and a new purpose-built pavilion erected – they even showed the bowlers the plans for the new building.

“However, they demolished the two existing bowlers’ buildings and never replaced them.

“When the bowlers approached Kirklees about the pavilion they were told the money had run out and they would supply them with a portable cabin.

“That never materialised. Again, the excuse was that the money had run out.

“The poor bowlers have nowhere to make tea and coffee for themselves and their opponents and nowhere to go when it rains.”

A senior Huddersfield bowler said last night that he understood the Grasshoppers’ decision.

Dougie Mellor, away manager of the Huddersfield Veterans team, said: “Nobody will go and play at a venue with no toilet facilities. Everyone likes a cup of tea and a biscuit as well.”

Mr Mellor, who bowls for Lockwood Conservative Club, added that Greenhead Park was not a great venue for bowling, even with pavilions.

“It’s ripe for any sort of vandalism and abuse from people going past,” he said.

The Examiner contacted the council press office for a comment on the issue yesterday morning.

A spokeswoman said the person responsible for the issue was on a training course.

Geoff Ramm of Greenhead Grasshoppers declined to comment on the issue yesterday.