MOTORING organisations have had a busy Easter.

The RAC and AA fielded calls to breakdowns every few seconds.

Crews across West Yorkshire were busy, with Good Friday a very heavy day.

Officials said many of the breakdowns could have been avoided if drivers had spent a few minutes checking their vehicle before setting off.

"It's a shame when the Easter break is spoiled because of breaking down," said RAC spokesman Paul Oakley.

"Many of the breakdowns could easily be avoided by carrying out a few simple checks before leaving home," he added.

A recent RAC survey found one in four drivers admitted never checking their engine oil level.

Also, one in five drivers were found to have illegal and potentially dangerous tyres.

Punctured tyres and seized and over-heating engines account for over 35,000 breakdowns attended by RAC patrols every year.

In West Yorkshire the AA reported a smooth Easter weekend, with few problems on the roads.

Most roadworks had been suspended, but there were queues on the M62 near Junction 32 at Castleford and near the Birstall retail park off Junction 27.