A HEALTH spa at the Galpharm Stadium has had to be shut down.

Leisure services chiefs had to take drastic action after broken glass got into the pool.

It meant the facility was out of action yesterday afternoon and expected to remain so for most of today.

The pool, which is filled with warm water, is used by health club members and also by disabled swimmers for hydrotherapy sessions.

One customer using the spa yesterday took a bottle into the centre and it smashed, causing glass to fall into the pool.

Duty manager Christopher Carson said: “We have had to close down all the facility.

“The pool technicians have to empty it and use a special vacuum cleaner to get rid of the glass before it can be refilled.

“We then have to get the water heated again to the right temperature, which is in the mid 30s.

“It has also meant us closing off the private changing cubicles as we cannot risk people walking through the spa area until it has been cleaned up”.

He added: “Glasses and bottles are not allowed in the spa area and we have spoken to the person concerned”.