A DELIVERY driver dumped heavy parcels on a pregnant woman’s doorstep and neglected to carry them in – for health and safety reasons.

Eight-months-pregnant Nicola Blakey said she had to carry a cot, pram, bed, mattress and car seat into her house alone.

Miss Blakey, 19, of Crosland Moor, had ordered £600 of equipment from Mothercare for her child-to-be.

But, after the gear was delivered by courier firm DPD, the hairdresser hurt her back dragging it in alone.

She said: “He just plonked it on the doorstep and cleared off.

“I rang Mothercare and they said it was health and safety. I think that’s very poor. How can it be health and safety; there’s only one step?

“The cot needs two people to carry it.

“I makes me more angry because the driver could see how pregnant I was.

“When I rang Mothercare the woman on the phone was very rude to me.”

Richard Grayson general manager of DPD Leeds depot, said: “At private addresses drivers are expected to deliver to the threshold. They have to explain in a polite fashion that they are not contracted or insured to carry things in the house.

“But I would like to think our drivers would use their discretion with incidents like these.

“As a big business we take complaints very seriously and we will speak to the driver to see if they gave the right level of service.”

A spokeswoman from Mothercare said: “The driver confirms that the items were in fact put inside the door and that Ms Blakey did not ask for further assistance, and at no point did she advise the driver that she was pregnant.

“Ms Blakey made no comment at the time of delivery regarding her dissatisfaction and therefore the driver stated that the delivery appeared to be totally normal.

“Our delivery drivers are not insured to enter customer’s premises and are subsequently not covered for any damage they may cause.

“All of our nursery products are boxed in line with health and safety legislation and are all of a weight that is acceptable to be lifted by one person.

“We were concerned to hear that Ms Blakey felt she didn’t receive the service she was expecting and have sent her some flowers and gift vouchers with our compliments.”