BURGLARS have wrought misery on a couple's start to married life.

Daron and Rachel Murray married on Christmas Eve - but Daron later returned to their Kirklees Council house to discover that intruders had broken in and stolen goods worth about £3,000.

Now, the couple have appealed for people to help police catch the culprits.

Daron and Rachel - who is 33 weeks' pregnant - live at Riddings Rise in Deighton and married at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, where friends and families live.

They stayed down there afterwards, but when Daron returned home he discovered the burglary.

The thieves had broken into the house by smashing a window and ripping out the entire window frame.

They then carried their haul out through the back door.

Daron, 26, said: "It's a terrible start to our married life together.

"I'm just relieved that Rachel was not with me when I discovered the burglary. She's naturally very upset by what's happened."

The couple - who have lived in Deighton for 18 months and are now anxious to leave the area - did not have insurance, so will have to somehow find the money to replace the stolen items.

"It's going to be a nightmare," said Daron. And Rachel, 19, said: "It's made us disgusted with the world. Everyone keeps wishing us plenty of happiness as a married couple. I hope it gets better than this."

The haul included a TV, video recorder, DVD player, washing machine, stereo system, a block of chrome knives and a toaster.

When the thieves ripped out the washing machine they flooded the kitchen and living- room.

Daron said: "The washing machine and the chrome kettle leak, so they are distinctive. One of the DVDs is an old Japanese film, Battle Royale."