CRIME prevention is taking to the roads - on the buses.

Simple messages are to be displayed on buses throughout Calderdale.

The campaign has been devised by Calderdale Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

It will focus on four themes - domestic violence, hate incidents, vehicle crime and burglary.

Throughout the next three months, adverts urging people not to leave anything valuable on show in their cars and the importance of keeping thieves locked out of their homes will appear on the outside of about 40 buses.

Victims of domestic violence or racist or homophobic crime will be encouraged to report incidents to the police.

Altogether, there are eight designs carrying four messages.

Chief Insp Bill Hall, who is in charge of community safety at Calderdale police, said: "We have made huge improvements over the last year in preventing and detecting crime, but together we still need to keep working at it.

"People must remember to lock doors and not leave things on display. The advertising campaign not only reinforces this message, but also provides information about what to do if you have been subject to hate crime or domestic violence.

"We want people to know help is available if they get in touch," said Chief Insp Hall

Rachel Pickering, acting community safety manager for Calderdale Community Safety Partnership, said: "The best way of avoiding becoming a burglary or car crime victim is to take some very basic precautions.

"We hope these adverts will get the message out to any Calderdale residents at risk.

"They will also offer help and support in reporting hate crime and domestic violence.

"We need to know the true level of these offences to help us make a difference," she added.