COLNE Valley bus users have been left disappointed by operator First's response to complaints about changes to services in Marsden.

The changes came into force in January on bus routes serving Stubbing Road in Marsden, Mount Road in Marsden, and Wilberlee.

The buses ran to Huddersfield and the service to Stubbing Road was removed completely.

One of the two buses which serve Mount Road each hour was diverted via Hill Top at Slaithwaite, which passengers say has made it run late. The bus also stops in Wilberlee.

This temporary measure was introduced as plans to introduce a taxi bus to replace the axed First bus service in Wilberlee were delayed.

The taxi bus, introduced by the Passenger Transport Executive, is to operate from Monday.

It will collect passengers from Slaithwaite, Wilberlee, Pole Moor, Outlane, Clough and Scapegoat Hill, and take them to the nearest train station, where they can catch a train to Huddersfield.

The bus will run both fixed routes and routes requested by passengers.

Passengers met with First officials to express their concerns before the changes were brought in.

They asked for the Stubbings Road service to be reinstated and for Mount Road buses not to be diverted around Hill Top. They also wanted one of the three buses an hour which serve Dirker in Marsden to be diverted to Hill Top.

However, their requests have not been granted.

Colne Valley Conservative councillor Dorothy Lindley said: "People felt they had been listened to at the meeting but nothing much has happened."

It was Clr Lindley who received the response from First, in a letter by commercial director Graham Riley.

Mr Riley said: "The changes we have made may not be to everyone's satisfaction, but as a commercial bus company we do experience difficulty in trying to meet all requests."