FOOTPATHS across Calderdale have been given the seal of approval.

A survey of the area’s network of footpaths and bridleways has revealed two-thirds pass a national standard for ease of use.

In previous years, staff surveyed a 5% sample of the network. Three years ago, only 40% of paths achieved the standard, increasing to 56% two years ago.

This year the council commissioned a survey of the entire network, resulting in 66% of the network achieving the national standard.

The survey looks at the condition of the path surface, the condition of gates, stiles, steps or footbridges, path obstructions and signposting.

The survey has provided the council with a wealth of information by recording a range of data and taking photographs of the variety of paths using handheld computers.

It can also identify paths where repair work is needed.

Rachel Finney, the council’s rights of way team leader, said: “This is the first time we have had a survey of the whole network and it has produced our best ever result. This is fantastic progress, considering how many paths there are in Calderdale.”