IT was one of the great feats of Yorkshire engineering.

But Scammonden Bridge has been left to rot – with no hope of improvement any time soon.

Two Kirklees councillors today called on the Highways Agency to paint the rusting bridge, which carries Saddleworth Road high across the M62.

Colne Valley Lib Dems Clr David Ridgway and Clr Nicola Turner have received a string of complaints from residents about the state of the structure in the last two years.

But the Highways Agency – which is responsible for motorway bridges – has refused to intervene.

Clr Ridgway said: “The uncompromising position taken by the Highways Agency on this matter is incredibly irritating, especially after two years of pressing them to deal with it.

“My colleague, Clr Turner, and I are both frequently contacted by users of the bridge complaining about its rusty, deteriorating condition.

“Although the Highways Agency reassures us it is safe, it is still an eyesore.”

Clr Turner added: “We would like the public to know that the bridge is the responsibility of the Highways Agency, not the council.

“If it was the council’s responsibility, we would probably have had it done by now. All we can do, and will continue to do, is place pressure on the Highways Agency.

“We suggest that any resident, who would like to see this work undertaken should lodge a complaint with them.”

A Highways Agency spokeswoman said last night that the bridge was safe – but would not be restored.

“The safety of all road users is a priority for the Highways Agency,” she said.

“We regularly inspect our network for safety and maintenance issues and we would like to reassure road users and residents that, although the Scammonden Bridge parapet is showing some signs of rust, this is cosmetic only.

“The bridge and parapet are structurally sound. The appearance notwithstanding, there are no plans to paint the parapet.”

Residents who would like the bridge repainted can call the Highways Agency on 0300 123 5000 or email

Scammonden Bridge was opened by the Queen on October 14, 1971. It is 660 feet long and stands 120 feet above the M62.