A COMMUNITY group is urging Kirklees Council to re-think plans for roadworks at Kilner Bank.

The council is considering suggestions by environmental groups to make Kilner Bank Road, which runs near a quarry, a permanent "no through road''.

Terry Brown, of Kirklees Council's highways department, said no firm decisions had been made.

Quarry owner Ian Masterson has applied to the council for permission to fill in the quarry.

He will pay for part of the work and Kirklees will provide the rest of the money.

If the quarry and Kilner Bank Road are closed, a turning circle is being considered for the quarry entrance, so that vehicles from Bradley Mills mistakenly trying to travel along the road to Moldgreen can turn back.

Before the quarry can be filled, Kilner Bank Road may need strengthening, to allow wagons to move filling material.

Mr Brown said no work was scheduled in the highways department's programme, but it would be looked at when a date was fixed for filling the quarry.

This could result in temporary road closures.

Kilner Bank Improvement Group chairman Michael Butterworth said the organisation would support the closure of the road and quarry, as it would help to deter fly-tippers.

But he feared that putting the turning circle so far out of Bradley Mills could anger motorists and make them travel faster back through Bradley Mills to make up lost time.

He added: "Kilner Bank Road is only a minor road, but people use it.  as a cut-through. People coming  from Bradley Mills will travel perhaps half a mile before they realise they can't go through.

"They may get irritated and drive a bit quicker back. There is a footpath that crosses  the road and children use it to walk to school. We fear someone may be knocked down.''

He added: "We want a turning circle further towards Bradley Mills, near the last house, so that drivers don't go more than 50 yards on Kilner Bank Road.

The group has written to Kirklees councillors to try to persuade them to site the turning circle at Bradley Mills. It has also offered to apply for money to pay for the turning circle there.

Mr Brown said: "We are looking at suggestions made by residents and look at all the implications."

(this article is an extended version of the one that appeared in the Examiner today).