MARSHALL the cat loves his milk.

So much so that whenever the milk float called into the Scammonden farm where he lives, he loved nothing better than to jump up on the back among the crates.

And that’s what sparked his big adventure.

Marshall went missing for more than a week, after hitching an extra ride on the milk float.

No-one realised the cat was on the back of the truck until he had travelled several miles towards Huddersfield.

And when the driver Sam Walker tried to catch Marshall, the feline stowaway was too quick and ran off into the fields at the roadside.

But now he is back home at Causeway Green Farm, reunited with owner Peter Pogson and the other 10 cats who live at the farm.

Mr Pogson said: “He’s a very friendly cat and whenever the milkman called in at the farm, Marshall was always there.

“We got used to him jumping on the back of the float but on this particular day, no-one realised he was still among the crates.

“The driver set off towards Huddersfield but stopped when a woman driving behind him started flashing her lights.

“She had seen Marshall on the back of the float, but when they tried to catch him he ran off.

“We put adverts in the Examiner and posters all over the Scammonden area and a few people rang up to say they had seen him.

“Eventually a woman living at Golcar rang to say she had caught him in her garden and we were reunited.

“I’d like to thank everyone who offered to help. It’s good to know people care.”