LETTER-love led to the happy 60-year marriage of Jeffrey and Enid Greaves.

The couple met when they were on a trip to Blackpool with their friends.

But Mr Greaves was sent away in the forces and was apart from his sweetheart for many months at a time.

So he sent letters to her back home, proposing to her in one of his love letters.

The happy couple wed at St Augustine’s Church at Scissett on March 27, 1948, which was an Easter Saturday.

Mrs Greaves, 81, who lives in Skelmanthorpe, said: “I was on holiday in Blackpool with my friends and he was there with his friends.

“We got chatting and I found out he lived in Skelmanthorpe.

“I was 16 at the time and we stayed in contact, but because he was in the forces he was away so it was letter-love for a long time.

“He said in one ‘when I come home shall we get engaged’ and I said yes.

“I remember at the time my mother said ‘why don’t you wait until the end of the year and have another year on your back’ as I was 21.

“The wedding day was lovely. It was a sunny day but a bit windy and it was very enjoyable.”

Mrs Greaves wore a white satin gown and was accompanied by four bridesmaids on her big day.

The couple held their reception at the Parish Rooms at Scissett.

After leaving the forces, Mr Greaves worked in the warehouse at Edwin Fields Rags where he later became manager before retiring after 46 years.

Mrs Greaves worked at Brownhills making parachutes from silk and later became a dispenser for a chemist and doctors in Denby Dale.

The couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a get-together for friends and at a meal with their family, including two sons, one daughter and four grandchildren.