A MAN who has made an impact in his community has won a top honour.

Baha Abu-Assi, 24, landed a National Community Champion Award for his work with the Huddersfield Arabian Association.

His launch of a sports project resulted in him becoming one of 41 people across the country rewarded for their achievements.

The association was set up in 2000 and now has 120 members, including doctors, engineers and asylum seekers.

Mr Abu-Assi said: "We felt that the community was not aware of our existence.

"We wanted to share our diversity and our sociality with the community of Kirklees.

"We thought it was time for us to do something that would raise awareness among the community, in order to build bridges and, as a result, contribute to a more diverse, stronger, community."

Mr Abu-Assi, who is of Palestinian origin, was born in the Emirates and went to school in Egypt.

He arrived in England in 1997 and studied A-levels in Scunthorpe.

He graduated from Huddersfield University in automotive engineering and is now studying for a master's degree.

He is honoured in the awards after winning a £1,930 grant from a Government fund to set up a sports project for the Arabian community.

He said: "I wanted the project to provide a positive outlet for people, while raising their confidence and increasing their sporting skills.

"Most members loved going to snooker clubs and enjoyed bowling and last, but not least, locals adored the scene of parents being defeated by their own children when playing volleyball in the local park."

The community champions awards were presented at a ceremony in Warwickshire.