EVERYBODY is to have their say on the shape of Huddersfield's future.

The first intrigued members of the public have visited an exhibition showing how the seven-acre town centre site encompassing the library and art gallery could be transformed in a £135m facelift.

That is just one of seven schemes put forward to redevelop the Piazza area.

From a simple refurbishment of the 1930s library right through to the multi-million pound scheme which would see the Piazza, market hall and Queensgate multi-storey car park replaced, residents have been asked for their views.

Five of the schemes either retain the library building or its imposing facade.

The exhibition on the top floor of Huddersfield Library outlining proposals will be in place into the summer.

Detailed information on all seven schemes are also available at Kirklees Council's website.

Should any of the three major schemes get the go-ahead, Huddersfield would boast one of the region's premier cultural and commercial centres.


Name: Denise Brierley

Age: 59

Lives: Crosland Moor

Job: Shop worker

Says: If they can make the town better and encourage people to come, that's great. The market is bad - it's red hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Name: Lyn Gregory

Age: 57

Lives: Crosland Hill

Job: School cleaner

Says: I'm very very favourably impressed. I like the ideas that keep the frontage, at least, of the old library. I love the idea of a satellite bus station. The market has been an eyesore ever since it was built.

Name: Lilian Kinder

Age: 74

Lives: Quarmby

Job: Retired

Says: I'd keep the old library building which a lot of people like. It needs doing, it's just a case of not making it too outrageous, not making too big a change. People like the library. They like the look of the building.

Name: Fred Chapman

Age: 70

Lives: Dalton

Job: Retired

Says: Why don't they put money to the roads and keep the library? They made an atrocious mess of the market hall years ago. Are they going to make the same atrocious mess here? I don't think they can plan. We had a 15-year wait for the new Kingsgate Centre.