THE chief executive of the Huddersfield- based charity The National Children's Centre has been invited to a reception at 10 Downing Street, hosted by Tony Blair.

Simon Cale has been invited to meet the Prime Minister today as recognition of the work that the NCC has done in helping children both locally and throughout the country.

Mr Cale said: "It is really a great honour to be invited to such an occasion as it demonstrates that we as a children's charity are being acknowledged for the work we do and that we are making changes at a national level."

Another important part of the charity's work is to give feedback to the government on the green paper `Every Child Matters'.

Mr Cale said: "The most relevant parts of the paper for the NCC was the setting up of a Minister for Children with cabinet responsibility."

He added: "At a more regional level, a named Director for Children's Services in every local authority as well as a named lead councillor for children in every authority will help oversee the changes all are working to achieve."