A HUDDERSFIELD charity has urged people to give it money to help tsunami victims get fresh, clean water.

The Christian African Relief Trust (Cart) has already sent two 40ft containers packed with relief supplies and almost 1,000 water purification kits to the south-east Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

But it is anxious to sink boreholes in the area, which was badly hit when the killer wave struck on Boxing Day.

The trust is based on Summer Street in Lockwood and sends several containers all over the world every year.

Secretary Gordon Dawson has received photographs of the devas- tation in Tamil Nadu.

One container is already in Sri Lanka and the supplies will be distributed in the next couple of weeks.

Now, the charity aims to raise money to provide people in the area with a constant supply of fresh water.

Mr Dawson said: "The water purification kits are a temporary solution to the problem of polluted water.

"To drill a borehole and provide a permanent solution to the problem of safe drinking water would cost £1,110."

He said that if the money was raised, he could organise for photographs and information to be sent back to Huddersfield, showing the new boreholes in action and the difference they were making to people's lives and health.

Mr Dawson also urged people in Huddersfield to support others from the town who are going out to tsunami-hit countries to work on specific projects.

New Mill couple Paul and Lynn Stothart have appealed for direct help to aid a rundown orphanage for deaf children in Sri Lanka.

Mr Dawson said: "I would urge people so support projects like these, because you know exactly how the money is spent."

Cart has a representative in Tamil Nadu, Dr W S Vedha. He runs its interests there and makes sure the aid gets to people who needs it.

He also runs a partner organisation, the Christian Asian Relief Trust.

It was Dr Vedha who sent the photos which show the damage.

They includes wrecked fishing boats and nets along with people who have lost their homes and are living in makeshift tents.

Last year Cart sent 27 containers of aid to a number of Third World countries.

Anyone who wants to make a donation should send a cheque made payable to Cart to PO Box 554, Huddersfield HD3 9ZQ.

Cart can also be contacted on 01484 423453.