Its nearing ‘chuck out’ time for all the horses. Equestrian columnist SOPHIA SALEEM reports

ANOTHER month and time is going by so fast. But I am not complaining as it is nearing ‘chuck out’ time for all the horses, meaning they will be out for 24 hours a day.

Hence, no more mucking out for a few months. Whoopee!! Horsey folk all over the country will be getting back their lives, with not having to do late evenings and early mornings.

All the shows have started and there are all sorts happening in the horse calendar. I think I am just going to enjoy hacking out and not put any pressure on myself to compete this year, and just enjoy Jim boy. I’m sure he won’t complain.

I will probably try a bit of dressage towards the end of summer, depending what is happening health wise and at home.

I have managed to ride a few times and it is so nice to be back in the saddle and to catch up with horsey friends. I have ridden with Kate, who rides Zen, and it was lovely to chat with her as we rode. We even managed a sunny day.

I have made plans to go to Coniston Cold, where we will do miles and miles of off-road riding and there are some ‘optional’ cross-country jumps which we may have a go at! I do still want to get back into a bit of jumping, but we will see.

Last week Abi and I went to see Abi’s horse Rocky that she has out on loan, though he is being bought this month.

He looked so well, it was lovely seeing him. Frankie, his new mum, was at a dressage competition with him, which is what we went to watch, but we missed the dressage as we had forgotten to put our clocks forward!

Anyway, they came second in a large class; fantastic.

I have just started to advertise some of the horses for sale and it feels awful doing it. I feel like I will be losing very dear friends, but hopefully I will find super homes for them.

I have possibly got someone interested in taking Chance. He is not to buy, just to take on long term, as he needs a lot of time spending with him.

I may also have a home for Jasper, the little chestnut Welsh x Shetland. Poor Jasper, it occurred to me that he has never been out of the valley or even off the yard and field, so it will be a shock to his system to move. Next winter I may have just four horses on the yard. Sad, but needs must.

The next few weeks are going to be preparing the fields that the horses will be going into for a bit of grass, mending the fencing and putting up some new fencing.

Horses have no respect for fencing, not even electric fencing with my lot.

Then there’s clearing out all the stables, the dreaded big muck-out.

If anyone wants to save money on gym membership but get fit, then come and help with the big muck out, I end up looking like Mrs Muscles, plus I lose a good few pounds!

I will keep folk updated on how I go on with finding super homes for the horses. Also the sheep and Geoffrey Trotter the Kune Kune pig. They will be missed by lots of people locally, and not for all good reasons.

Geoffrey has been a bad boy, visiting people and their gardens that he shouldn’t! But some people come to visit him every day, as he’s such a character. He barks like a dog and has major tantrums, when he throws himself on the floor. It is hilarious to see a pig have a tantrum.

Anyway, wherever he goes it will be as a pet and not as sausages.

Enjoy the lighter nights and happy hacking.