A DAY of prayer dedicated to women in Poland was held at St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Huddersfield.

The service - to mark Women's World Day of Prayer - was held at the New North Road church.

It was organised by the town's branch of the Women's World Day of Prayer movement.

Mrs Elaine Harrison, of Knaresborough, was the guest speaker.

Kirklees Deputy Mayor Clr Margaret Fearnley and her consort, her husband Barry, were also there.

The service was attended by Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, members of the United Reformed Church and the Worldwide Church of God.

Speakers from each denomination gave readings.

The order of service was written by Polish women and translated so that it could be read in the 180 countries taking part in the Women's World Day of Prayer.

Every year a different country has the service dedicated to it, usually places which have suffered difficult times.

Poland has historically been an area of conflict because its flat terrain and lack of natural border barriers made an ideal battleground.

Poland suffered badly during the Second World War Two.

It was taken over by the Soviet Union, which imposed a socialist and atheistic way of life.

But Poland has gradually recovered.

In 1979, the Polish- born Pope John Paul II visited his homeland and restored Catholicism as the national religion.

Poland gained independence in 1998 and joined the European Union last year.