A former drinker and director of Kirklees Alcohol Advisory Services (KAAS) has called their closure an “unmitigated tragedy” claiming alternatives do not provide long-term support.

Alan Walker says the KAAS meetings he attended in the 1980s saved his life, and has worked with others with drinking problems ever since.

He later approached the authority for financial support, which was granted but recently cut. The service have announced they will be holding their final meeting on April 27th.

Alan, of Newsome, said: “People desperately need services like these because they provide long term support.

“There are other options available such as the Government’s On-Trak programme but this is only a few weeks long.

Alan Walker, former director of Alcohol Support Kirklees
Alan Walker, former director of Alcohol Support Kirklees

“KAAS offers empathetic support which is proven to be effective when it comes to helping people with alcohol dependency.

“It would never have happened without Kirklees, the Kirklees Primary Care Trust or the Drugs and Alcohol Action Team DAT.”

Alan turned to KAAS nearly 30 years ago and later set up Alcohol Support Kirklees, which will continue to provide support.

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“People can also access support through Alcoholics Anonymous.

“There is no way they can ever match our community’s powerful, unconditional, long term empathy and motivation for change which KAAS has been providing for the past fifty years.”

For support, visit: www.alcoholsupport.com .