ACTIVISTS have celebrated the anniversary of the oldest constituency Labour Party in the country.

Weavers and engineering workers met at a house at Nabbs Lane in Slaithwaite on July 21, 1891 to form the Colne Valley Labour Union.

Party members marked the anniversary with a series of events in Slaithwaite last week.

Historian Cyril Peace led a group of 30 people on a guided tour of the village on Thursday.

This was followed by a talk at The Watershed by Lord David Clark, Labour MP for Colne Valley from 1970 to 1974.

The 70-strong audience also enjoyed songs by the East Lancashire Clarion Choir and a performance of the play How Red Was Our Valley?

On Sunday 50 people gathered for a party to mark the anniversary at the home of Paul Salveson at Bank Top in Slaithwaite.

Mr Peace will host a second tour of the village on Sunday, August 14.