PERFORMING arts students brought the mythical world of the Greek gods to life for their latest production.

And the youngsters at Colne Valley Specialist Arts College had one particular critic to please – the author of the play himself!

The pupils staged Homer’s Odyssey, a play based on the ancient Greek epic poem telling the story of Odysseus and his encounters with the underworld and the gods.

The young cast mixed acting, shadow puppetry, music and colour for the production. The play’s author, David Calcutt, travelled to the school after hearing the college was producing it.

He attended the performance and afterwards talked to the cast about the play before signing posters and programmes for the pupils.

Mr Calcutt told the cast and producers: “This is one of the best pieces of theatre I have seen, not just young persons but professional too.

“Great ensemble work and will remain as (my) vision of the play from now on”.