MEMBERS of an award-winning property development firm have raised £4,000 for charity – by spending a weekend living in a shelter they made from scavenged materials.

Richard Conroy, Andrew Battye, Graham Barber and Gary Lister, of Brockholes-based Conroy Brook, joined 34 other teams on Habitat for Humanity’s annual Hope Challenge.

The teams had to trek 20km and spend a weekend in shelters they made from scavenged material in a field near Edale in the Peak District.

The Conroy Brook team made a home from home out of old pallets, tarpaulins and roofing materials – which remained intact for two nights thanks to the efforts of Mr Barber, who is site manager for Conroy Brook.

The team raised £4,000 in sponsorship for the charity, which aims to provide decent housing for people living in some of the most deprived regions in the world.

In total, the teams’ efforts raised £105,000.

Habitat for Humanity estimates that 1.6 billion people around the world live in makeshift dwellings and slums.