The leader of the Conservatives on Kirklees Council has demanded assurances that fortnightly bin collections will continue next year.

Clr David Hall spoke out after recent responses from Labour Cabinet members to questions at the last full council meeting.

Some households will go three weeks without a collection over Christmas and the Tories fear this “inadequate” service is set to be made permanent next year.

Clr Hall said: “Refuse collection, or lack of, has been a bone of contention over recent years.

“But now the Labour Cabinet have made it clear that not only are they happy to deliver this inadequate three weekly service during the Christmas period, but they are considering introducing such a scheme throughout the year.

Kirklees Council Conservative member David Hall.

“This really is an unacceptable proposal. Labour’s continued failure to manage budgets and deliver services across Kirklees is a disgrace.

“To now propose reducing refuse collection services even further than they already have done cannot be tolerated.

“Residents must be made aware of the proposals being made by the Labour Cabinet member Clr Mus Khan, who made her intentions clear at the recent council meeting.

“Bin collections are a fundamental service the council should provide to all residents, and if the Labour Cabinet cannot provide the most basic services, what confidence can we have in them delivering a full range of services that the people of Kirklees rightly expect and deserve?”

Kirklees Council Leader-Elect David Sheard.

Council leader Clr David Sheard dismissed the claims and said the Conservatives were living in “dreamland.”

He said: “I think the only people who are discussing such a change are the Conservatives. It has not even been suggested from any of my colleagues.

“There has not been a problem with the service in recent years, in fact it works exceptionally well and we regularly get massive rates of satisfaction in surveys.

“There was a particular problem in the Holme Valley area recently with a crew taking action and there are some people who want to stir the binmen up but we have no plans whatsoever to alter our current arrangements.”

In Kirklees there will be no bin collections between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day with Monday collections hit.

Full details of collections over the Christmas period and for 2018 can be found on the council website at where residents will also be able to download a printable calendar.

The council will no longer post timetables to homes as in the past, saving taxpayers £50,000.

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said: “There are some difficult financial challenges for the whole of the streetscene service area, and while the budget proposals stay roughly in line with what was agreed last year, we will be able to maintain the current service levels for collection of bins.

"There are no current plans to change this service, and no discussions have taken place on what the impact of three weekly bin collections would be – however if our budget situation changes significantly, we would have to look at alternative solutions.”