COUNCILLORS have agreed to a pay for a major revamp of Elland’s Park Wood Crematorium.

Members of Calderdale Cabinet agreed that the site needed a makeover to create a modern state of the art facility fit for 21st century use.

Among the proposed improvements in the £1.4m project will be a larger area for floral displays, new energy-efficient cremators, a webcam service for family and friends unable to attend and an extended waiting room.

Work will also be carried out to update the chapel, roof, windows, doors and floor.

A special space for funeral directors and celebrants will be created.

Clr Amanda Byrne, the Cabinet member responsible for community services, said she was delighted with the decision to update the facility.

She added: “Funeral services are a key council service that, unfortunately, will be used by every family at some point.

“By making a commitment to renovate Park Wood we will be offering better facilities for visitors to use at a difficult time.

“Once work is complete the building will also be more energy-efficient.

“The new cremators will reduce mercury emissions and the new building materials will improve its thermal efficiency.”

Park Wood Crematorium opened in 1956 and was expected to carry out 800 cremations a year.

On average, 1,600 cremations are now carried out each year.