ENERGY-SAVING solar panels have been installed on a council building in Huddersfield.

Now home owners are being urged to do the same.

Kirklees Council has put 236 solar panels on the roof of Civic Centre 3 in the middle of the town.

Even taking cloudy days into account, the £200,000 panels will save the council around 38,000 kilowatts per hour of gas each year.

Annual carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by more than 4.5 tonnes.

Solar specialist Tony Book congratulated Kirklees on taking a lead.

His company, Riomay Solar Heating, is responsible for the project's solar thermal panels.

Mr Book, vice-chairman of the International Solar Energy Society, said: "You do not need a Mediterranean summer for solar panels to work.

"Even on a clear, winter day the sun will produce energy to help heat a domestic water system."

He said homeowners could make real savings at the same time as helping the environment.

"If every householder in the area installed solar panels it would have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions," said Mr Book.

Applications can be made to the Government's Clear Skies agency for grants to help offset the cost.

For more information on solar grants phone 01422 392585.