FOOTBALL fans who get carried away during the World Cup may find themselves targeted by noisebusters.

Kirklees already have a team to combat noise pests on Friday and Saturday nights – but another team will be in place for England manager Fabio Capello’s bid to lift the World Cup. The council anticipated an increase in complaints due to World Cup parties.

The team visit the complainant, listen to the noise then negotiate with the noise makers.

If this fails they can issue fixed penalty notices, prosecute and seize noise equipment.

People with faulty burglar alarms could have them disconnected by Kirklees.

During the last year Kirklees has received over 200 complaints about the alarms.

Many had to be disconnected by the council as the keyholder couldn’t be found.

This normally costs the alarm owner around £150.

As part of Noise Action Week – which runs from April 26 to 30 – the environmental services team will encourage people to have alarms serviced regularly. and to let them know who the key holder is so the alarm can be quickly and easily disabled.

Officers will be manning information points in town centres across Kirklees to advise noise sufferers as well as businesses that generate noise.

They will also be visiting pubs and clubs and giving out posters to help publicans control noise at their premises.

Clr Mary Harkin, Cabinet member for the environment, said: “Noise Action Week is a great opportunity to remind everyone to consider their neighbours and keep their voice down.

“It also provides an opportunity to reassure residents that we will help them tackle noise problems amicably.

“However if this fails we will prosecute persistent offenders who continue to create unacceptable levels of noise.”

The team is also extending its night time noise service which has officers on call on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm to 7am to respond immediately to complaints about noise and other nuisances.

If you are bothered by noise or want advice call 01484 226436.